11 Tips On Growing Your Social Media Audience With Facebook

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There is no doubt that the internet has leveled the playing field to help a business to grow its audience with minimal advertising costs. The popularity of social media platforms, such as Facebook, presents an unbelievable opportunity for people to grow their audience, just by sharing information. While this is simple, there is some strategy behind it. Here are some tips to help your content get seen by your ideal audience.

1 Create a ‘fan page’ account, not a ‘personal’ account

What’s the difference? A personal account is for people and has the capacity to ‘add friends’. A fan page, on the other hand, is for groups, companies, organizations, and also people who are popular and well-known (politicians, celebrities, etc.). A fan page cannot ‘add friends’. Instead, a fan page can get subscribers. A fan page is best for doing business because of the tools available to it (survey tool, questionnaire tool, advertisement tool, etc.).

2 Make your profile appealing

It does not matter what you post if people will not view your Facebook page. To get views, you must make your page look appealing. One way to do this is to make your Facebook page look authentic (that the Facebook account really belongs to the company that you represent). This can easily be done by making use of your company logo. Also, you should add complete information such as office number and office address (do not give your personal contact details). Below are some other tips on how you can make your page look appealing.

3 Use image presentation once in a while

Most people on Facebook express their thoughts by posting a message in text form. Try something a little different and express your announcements and messages in image format instead. Images are much more captivating so people are more likely to click and read. And do not forget to include a link to your main website.

4 Use video presentation once in a while

Other than images, you can also use video messages once in a while. Of course, you should also provide a link to your main webpage. But because Facebook only allows you a limited disk space for videos, you can upload your videos to Youtube instead and link that Youtube video to your Facebook page.

5 Add links to your posts whenever appropriate

Every time you make a post, be that in text form, video form, or image from, make sure that you always provide a link to your main website (if appropriate). For example, if you made a post about a new product of yours, you need to make sure that you also provide a link to your main website that shows the new product (e.g. learn more about this product by clicking here). 

6 Provide only a ‘peek’ to the whole story

Your posts should be enticing but they should never completely satisfy the curiosity of the readers. You want them to ‘beg for more’. And then, you should provide a link to where they can go to satisfy their curiosity. For example, you should post only the opening of an article from your main website. Then provide a link to where they can read the whole story.

6 Post ‘fun stuff’ once in a while    

Because the Facebook page is for your business, it is only proper that all your posts will be about your company’s activities, products, services, and such. But your posts should not only consist of these. You should spice things up by posting interesting articles and materials once in a while (e.g. a story by Yahoo on cosmetics). This way, your subscribers will keep going back to your page. If it always just about business, things will start to get boring.

7 Keep page active

Maybe a day or two or three of not making any posts or doing any online activity is okay. But do not let a week or two pass by without making any new post. If you do, your subscribers will think that you have gone inactive and might stop visiting your page. But being active does not mean being repetitive. Always think of fresh new ideas so each of your posts is interesting and unique. Of course, this is not easy to do. You can always hire an administrator and blog writer for your account.

8 Establish a network of ‘useful’ affiliates

Like pages that are related to your field. If you are selling computer games or computer game hardware for example, you should like pages that discuss games in general. This way, you are making yourself visible to the subscribers of those pages. They will learn about your page, visit your page, and maybe click some of the links on your page.

9 Use Facebook’s advertising tools

This is one of the advantages of having a fan page account over a personal account – you get to use Facebook’s advertising tools. And you get to choose who you want to reach. For example, if your target customers are women in Asia aged 16 to 30, you can tell Facebook to send your advertisement only to these people. 

10 Put up a product catalog with links

This is another beauty of Facebook – you get to upload photos and organize them into albums. Take advantage of this and make a photo catalog showing your products (with features and descriptions if possible). Then include a link below each photo where they can order the product. The links will also increase your main website’s number of backlinks. 

11 Reply to queries, give only partial answers, and then provide a link

If you get a question about your products/services, do reply. But only give a general answer. Do not give all the details. Then provide a link to your main website where the rest of the answer can be found (e.g. This phone has Bluetooth, WIFI, and runs on Android Gingerbread, for a complete list of this phone’s features, please click here.

Remember, people are on Facebook to engage and interact socially. Typically people aren’t looking to shop. Ultimately your goal should be to increase brand awareness and to build stronger relationships with your audience.

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