About MIMR

Welcome to My Internet Marketing Resources! Marketing your business online can be overwhelming. While there are plenty of resources and tools, the challenge is determining the best resources to help you grow your business, and most importantly help you connect to your target audience. This website will help guide you to tools and resources that will help you grow and promote your business using the internet.

My Internet Marketing Resources


Myinternetmarketingresources.com is a website dedicated to helping you market your business  online. There is a lot of information to swallow as you take on the challenge to present your business online. At myinternetmarketingresources.com you will find tools, tips and training that will help maximize both effort, time and money.

Connecting with your audience online is the key to growing your business using the internet. This can only be done if you have a firm understanding of your business purpose and how to communicate that purpose to your audience using various marketing tools available to you.

Myinternetmarketingresources.com will share training and tips that will help you overcome some of the technical roadblocks you may encounter. You will find tools and resources that will help you create effective business systems. Most importantly you will gain valuable insight that will help you to attract and build relationships with your ideal customer.

It is no doubt that your ultimate goal is to promote and grow your business online. The fact is building and marketing a business online can be frustrating, tedious and frankly overwhelming. There is no one size fits all solution to grow and market your business online. The best plan is one that you create for yourself based on well-researched options. 

Myinternetmarketingreources.com will help guide you to tools and resources that will help you with your best plan to grow and promote your business on the internet.