Meet The Educator

You Found It!

One of the greatest challenges for most solopreneurs is that you are building and promoting your business online, while still working and taking care of your families full time. My goal is to help you through that process by providing resources and guidance that will help your ideal audience find you in order that you will reach your online business goals.

This website is a resource for entrepreneurs with or without an offline business who either sell their own, or other people’s products and NEED to establish an online presence to create income if you are in the right place! And guess what…You Found It! Stick around and you will learn how to find and connect to your audience online. 

Welcome to My Internet Marketing Resources.

Shantell Sweeney

My name is Shantell, and I am an Online Educator. My passion is teaching. Over the years I have been able to exercise that passion in many ways in my personal life and professional life. And in recent years I have decided to direct that passion here online.

While professionally I have had the opportunity to train many individuals, it is as a Direct Sales Consultant that I really have the opportunity to use my passion for teaching to help others improve their lives financially. As a Direct Sales Consultant, I have represented some very well known businesses. This was the best combination, helping others by teaching my customers about valuable products, and teaching my sales team how to grow their business.

Now I am making it official. In November of 2018, I earned my Masters in Adult Education and Training. I am excited about the amazing techniques and methods that I have learned.  I believe the information I will share with you will be able to help you with your process of establishing and building your online presence.

My Journey Establishing An Online Presence

As a single mother, I found that one of my greatest challenges was running my business face to face. I had to learn to utilize the power of the internet, only then could I reach many, utilizing the same amount of effort (maybe less). I needed the flexibility of serving my customers, without having to be in their presence. While working a second job would be easier to earn additional income, my time simply does not allow that option. Choosing to grow my income online allows me to maintain my job while developing other income streams and still be able to take care of my children. Sure it would be great if my efforts lead to a full-time stay at home job, However, the focus is really to generate an income stream that will help sustain my family.

I Was Overwhelmed

My journey online has been incredibly overwhelming.  There is so much information to process and weed through. So many people are just promoting trash and false information. This is truly discouraging when there really are ways to earn income online. Will it make you rich overnight? Nope. Is it simple? Yes.  Is it hard work? Absolutely.

I found great training, and I utilized it

I needed concrete information that taught me how to build a website. How to build an audience. What to do with that audience. Most importantly how to monetize my efforts. During my research, I have to stumble upon a lot of trash out there. However, I have also found a lot of great training. I used that training, and have learned quite a bit on my own. Then I began sharing what I learned. (The Learning Center Is Open!) This is where I am sharing all the training  I have acquired.

Who Is This Site For?

Let’s be clear here. I am not rich. I haven’t made millions online. In fact, I still work full time. However, I do make extra income that does help my family. I can do this without worrying about leaving my children home alone while I work a second job. I have utilized some training that has given me some very helpful and practical insight. For this reason, I will be pointing you to some of that same training.

I have created this site for people who are trying to grow and promote their business online to support their families. My goal is to:

  • point you to online tools and resources that will help you grow your income online
  • help you learn how to establish an online presence
  • then to take that presence and monetize it.

My focus is to help you develop a strong online presence that you can then use to promote either your own products or other people’s products.