Where To Start

Start By Establishing Your Online Presence

In order to find and connect with your ideal customer/client using the internet, you will need to effectively establish your online presence.

Once you establish your online presence your customers will be able to find you quickly and easily. If you do this right they will not be able to find you, they can purchase what they need, our schedule a consultation with you.

Internet Marketing refers to the specific marketing strategies that you employ to not only easily become discoverable by your potential prospects, but to increase your revenue.

While there are various ways to market on the internet, here are some of  the core marketing strategies that will get you results:

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Paid Advertising

Taking these marketing strategies and making them a part of your business systems will help you successfully connect with your ideal customer.

What to consider when marketing your business online

How do you market your brand online in such a way that you are able to connect with people while building your authority and a relationship with prospective customers, clients and or supporters?

  • Be visible. You should have a “Home Base” -or one central location -on the Internet to represent your brand.
    • Your “Home Base” should be your website.
    • You should use social media as your secondary location online.
    • Your message should have a unifying theme or talking point, everywhere (on both your website and social media).
    • You should present an opportunity for people to connect with you often.
  • Frequently publish and promote content. You want your content to be seen. It should also trigger your prospective customer, client and (or) supporter to take action.
    • It is important to focus on the two core content areas, in order to begin connecting with your audience and to build a reputation and relationship with them.
      • Your Branding
      • Your Message
    • Also, Keep This In Mind
      • You need to develop a content marketing plan that supports your branding and communicates your message.
      • Every piece of content you present should serve a purpose.
  • Set up your business systems. Your business systems help you organize your day to day actions. These are the things you will need to do on a regular basis to consistently:
    • grow your audience
    • build a relationship with your audience
    • give your prospects the opportunities to connect with you. (This is where you monetize your online presence)
    • The 4 primary business systems you need:
      • Introduction System
      • Connection System
      • Monetization System
      • Support System. 

Be purposeful with your efforts.

Marketing your business online effectively requires that you establish your online presence with purpose. By creating your business systems, and initiating effective marketing strategies, over time you will find your fans that love your content, products and (or) services.